-The Schalin ”Sweet Bastard” collection” is a bit boring says Jonas Wiehager proprietor of BOUTIQUE SPORTIF, a shop which is famous for their bold athletic shoes and printed sweatshirts.

-There is not much talk about Schalin these days says chief buyer at SOLO Inge Ahlvin. Maybe this is due to that his office is situated one level below ground and is very soundproof. Check out ”Sweet Bastard” at MTV’s show Stylissimo.

-We like your collection, but is it possible that we order something outside it , otherwise it’s impossible for us to make an order on the existing styles …says very, very busy ÅHLÉNS buyer Pia Karlsson.

What can we say, this city has everything you can dream of 24 hrs a day. (Johan & Moa)

It’s a friendly neighborhood with loads of fun. (Moa)

Grand but cute and easy to get around.(Johan)

The coffee stinks-but hey, the grilled fresh fish at Apostolis Tavern…yum! Don't forget the Raki (local liquor) (Johan, Moa and Yoshi).

Visit Seuss Landing at Universal Studios ”Island of Adventures” and don’t forget the ”Spiderman Ride”. (Moa)

Don't go there in wintertime…lots of prostitutes though. (Johan)

The Zoo is interesting, mating elephants etc. etc. (Yoshi)

Beastie Boys, Dr Dre, Stan Getz, Miles Davis,
Massive Attack, De La Soul,Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest, Steely Dan, Lords Of Svek, Mary J Blige, Leftfield, Missy Elliott, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Air, Daft Punk, David Holmes,Moloko
This could go on forever.

Dancing at private parties
Tea tree oil shampoo
Cooking Home
Eating out
Optician sunglasses
Clean home
Satin sheets
Creative men/women
Truth by experience

Dance routines performed by very young popstars
Sexy R’n’B Videoclips
Soap on TV
Selling Out
Looking like a revolutionary
Sunglasses w rhinestones
Cleaning up at home
Sheets w patterns
Advertising men/women
Fashionconscious personality
Truth by Popstars