SCHALIN, Bergsgatan 9, T-Rådhuset, buses 3,40,52,62. Open weekdays 12 am - 6 PM and Saturdays 12 am - 4 PM. Here you will find the unique blend of SCHALIN garments not found anywhere else. Our lovely staff will assist you for the latest SCHALIN craze and at request turn the music up to stimulate your level of shopping happiness.

How to get here: We are located in one of the central districts of Stockholm, on the western Island of Kungsholmen.

If you are at T-centralen/The Central station (watch out for pickpockets and dopefiends) you can easily get here on the blue subway line towards Hjulsta or Akalla, jump off at Rådhuset only one station from T-centralen. Or catch bus No 52 from World Trade Center towards Kungsholmen.

There are several other buses you can catch depending on where you hang out. If you're in the south central parts (Södermalm) or Old Town you can get here by bus No 3 from Slussen jumping off at Kungsholmstorg.
If you are at Odenplan (Tranan, Stadsbiblioteket) you can get here by bus No 40, and if you're cruising on the eastside (Östermalm, Stureplan and Norrmalmstorg) you'll be sure to get here by bus No 62 towards Fredhäll.

Perhaps you prefer walking. From the Central Station you follow Klarabergsviadukten, crossing Klara sjö. Turn left onto Kaplansbacken, turn right at Bergsgatan with Kungsholmens Church to your left. Just follow the street until you see our store on the streetcorner to the left where Bergsgatan/Pipersgatan meet.

If you are feeling lazy hail one of Stockholms many cabs and just say "Burrghsgaahtan neeuo/ The Schalin Shop" and relax. Be sure to tell the driver that you want to remain within the city limits otherwise he might transport you to one of Stockholms close "burbs" in this case "Sumpan" which also has a street called Bergsgatan.

Good Luck in finding us and very welcome. The Schalin Crew.