Schalin is a Swedish fa-fa-fashionbrand by married couple Moa and Johan Schalin. The line was launched in ’96 and then consisted of two lines one male and one female. Graphic concept was conceived by Björn Kusoffsky of Sthlm Design Lab and his team. Later a unisex line was added to complete the collection.
-The idea behind the clothes is to produce both fashion and wearable clothes looking to what we think is fun, inventive and of course beatiful.

At the present Schalin is developing the concept and designing styles in a continous flow. Now working together with graphic designers Mr Timonen & Mr Frankenstein of the Swedish agency AM/PM they are bound to really hit off.

Schalin have over the years produced a lot of different styles with small suppliers and of course some of these clothes have ended up on the shelves of other
retailers…inevitable but maybe in some way flattering.

Particular for Schalin is the rather playful attitude towards both clothes and the business as such. Style names are not really the standard ones, how about a ”Cross dress” , ”Dr Jacket” or a pair of ”Foxy Pants”. Collection titles include names as ”Sweet Bastard”, Yes we’re OK”, ”Schalin - Lovely” etc etc. The Schalin aim is to continue this development into the future.

-We will shake the Catwalks, we will rattle the streets , we will rock the fashionmags, we will roll in the shops… We will never be boring! (Old Schalin saying)